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Maximize your use of the Earth's resources with the advanced split-system geothermal heat pump, the HS. Its two-stage comfort ensures balanced, constant temperatures in both heating and cooling, while its pairing with a gas or propane furnace makes for a dual fuel system that helps you save money and always uses the most efficient heating source according to changes in the environment.

3.3 to 4.6 COP Heating Efficency (closed loop)
3.8 to 5.2 COP Heating Efficency (open loop)
14.8 to 28.8 EER Cooling Efficiency (closed loop)
19.2 to 29.1 EER Cooling Efficiency (open loop)
Treat yourself to cozy warmth, unrivaled adaptability and the possibility of substantial dual-fuel cost savings with our exceptional split-system geothermal heat pump.


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