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Heat Pumps

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image of a Mitsubishi heating pump

Mitsubishi Electric's mini-split heat pump systems incorporate INVERTER-driven compressors. This compressor is the main force behind the performance , ensuring optimal and consistent heating and air.

Mitsubishi SUZ 15-18 H2i

DLCERAA - Air Conditioner

This performance heat pump offers outstanding features, an impressive SEER and EER rating, and whisper-quiet operation - truly making it the ultimate solution for all of your climate control needs.


DLCERAH  - Heat Pump

This amazing heat pump offers unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness, boasting tremendous power in multiple sizes.

Day & Night DLCERAH

DLCERAH  - Heat Pump

The HB Heat Pump offers advanced control options for enhanced user experience. It is compatible with programmable thermostats, allowing users to easily set personalized heating and cooling schedules.

Day & Night HB

DLCERAH  - Heat Pump

Do your part in preserving the Earth's resources and choose our powerful split-system geothermal heat pump.

Day & Night HS

image of a Rheem heating unit

The Rheem RP18AZ Heat Pump offers reliable heating and cooling performance, energy efficiency, advanced features, and durability.

Rheem RP18AZ

image of a Rheem heater

The Rheem RP16AZ Heat Pump is backed by a comprehensive warranty, providing additional peace of mind and support for customers.

Rheem RP16AZ

image of a Rheem heater

This heat pump cabinet is a durable and stylish addition to any home - the louvered design keeps the coils safe from any possible harm.

Rheem WP1418BJ1NA

Carrier Comfort Heating Systems

The ComfortTM Series comes with easy-to-use controls and a clear display, allowing users to adjust settings and monitor performance with ease.

Comfort Heat Pump

Carrier Performance Heating Systems

The Performance Heat Pump is a high-performance and energy-efficient heating and cooling system designed to deliver superior comfort and cost savings in residential and light commercial applications.

Performance Heat Pump

Carrier Infinity Heating Systems

This heat pump has a variable-speed compressor, energy-saving design, high-efficiency condenser coil, and, quiet operation for residential or commercial spaces.

Infinity Heat Pump

Carrier 3 Phase Heating Systems

With three separate power lines, the 3 Phase Heat Pump can provide a higher level of electrical power and distribute it more evenly, allowing for increased capacity and performance.

3 Phase Heat Pump

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