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The Ultra-Aire APD 100V ensures air filtration, fresh air ventilation and humidity control. It provides a measured amount of fresh air into the home, which is mixed with indoor air. The air is then filtered to remove airborne particles and dehumidified to ensure the relative humidity in the home remains below 50%.

The best way to combat the problem of humidity migrating through the roof, walls and floor is to pressurize the building with dehumidified air. This strategy involves bringing a measured amount of outdoor air into the structure and dehumidifying it before it enters the living areas. An equal amount of drier indoor air will escape from the structure to equalize the pressure. This ventilation strategy, provided by the Ultra-Aire APD system, prevents humid outdoor air from infiltrating the structure and offers the ventilation recommended by health experts. The Ultra-Aire APD has been incorporated into numerous American Lung Association Health Houses.

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